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Forensic Brothers Investigative Services, Offering Investigative Accounting For Atlanta, Wants Your Business To Be Alert This Holiday Season

As a retail business owner or manager, keeping your store safe from internal theft or fraud is crucial. Internal theft can cost retailers thousands of dollars annually, leading to a significant loss of profits. With the holiday shopping season already in swing, FBIS, investigative accounting specialists for Atlanta, wants retail businesses to watch for these red flags to prevent internal theft and avoid substantial losses.

Red Flags of Internal Theft

Frequent Cart Voiding – Cart voiding is a process retailers use to clear out any items left in shopping carts that customers did not buy instead of scanning them at the checkout. If a cashier is consistently voiding carts, it may be a sign of internal theft.


Declined Transactions – Declined transactions occur when a card is not accepted for payment. If employees frequently receive declined transactions without providing alternative payment options, this could indicate that fraud or theft is taking place.

Excessive Discounts – If employees are regularly providing excessive discounts to customers, it could be a sign that they are taking advantage of the discounting process to pocket money for themselves.

High-Risk Refunds and Returns – Employees who process high-risk refunds or returns outside of approved refund or return policies are often exploiting them for their gain.

Concealment of Items – Retailers should watch out for employees attempting to conceal items by not scanning them at the checkout, intentionally damaging sales tags, or switching price tags.


Did you Know?

“90% of all significant theft losses come from employees.” Willis North America


Business Operations Red Flags

Decreased Profits- Keep an eye on the company’s profits and revenue. If there is a sudden drop in profits without any rational explanation, it could indicate theft or fraud within the company.

employee-interviewHigh Employee Turnover- If you are experiencing high employee turnover, it could be an indication that something is not right within the organization. Employees who are stealing will most likely leave after some time, so keep an eye on the high turnover rate.

Unbalanced Accounting Records- Scrutinize the accounting records to identify imbalances or inconsistencies. Watch out for any suspicious transactions or discrepancies.

Above-average purchases – Some employees may stack up their registers and then purchase items using their discount or customer loyalty offers. Watch out for above-average purchases made by employees.

Irregular Hours – Watch out for employees who work outside their regular hours or frequently come in on days off to “check” something.


Holiday Shopping Season and Internal Theft

During festive seasons, holiday shopping can increase a retailer’s revenue, but it also can lead to a surge in internal theft. Dishonorable employees may take advantage of the busy season’s schedule and lack of supervision, leading to fraudulent actions going unnoticed.

The increases in traffic and transactions can make it challenging for retail businesses to keep track of their employees and sales. Therefore, companies must be extra vigilant during the holiday season.


Preventing Internal Theft Within the Retail Environment

Retailers can protect themselves as much as possible from internal theft by:

  • investigative-accounting-atlanta-backgroundPerforming thorough background checks when considering hiring a new team member.
  • Implementing strict audit and security policies.
  • Installing surveillance cameras to monitor employees and customers.
  • Conducting frequent and random reviews of sales receipts and cash drawers.
  • Training employees on policies, procedures, and consequences regarding theft and fraud.
  • Encouraging employees to report suspicious activities immediately.

Internal fraud or theft is one of the most pressing issues retailers face today, particularly during the holiday shopping season. As a retail business owner or manager, it is crucial to remain proactive when identifying red flags. Preventing internal theft or fraud will protect your business from significant losses and, more importantly, your reputation.


Forensic Brothers Investigative Services, The Trusted Investigative Accounting Professionals For Atlanta, Wants To Protect Your Business From Theft and Fraud



If you suspect internal theft or fraud is happening within your business, contacting a professional investigative agency such as the Forensic Brothers Investigative Services is best. We specialize in financial crimes and have extensive experience investigating cases and providing forensic accounting services related to internal theft and fraud.

At Forensic Brothers Investigative Services, we offer investigative accounting services for Atlanta and the nation, Our team has the experience to uncover fraud and internal theft that jeopardizes your company’s stability and reputation. We investigate, document, and provide the evidence needed to uncover criminal actions and help you pursue restitution for your business.

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