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Employee Theft

You Have A Lot At Stake. At FBIS, We Take Employee Theft Investigation Seriously

In the hustle of daily business operations, with its myriad challenges and goals, a silent adversary could be siphoning off your profits without even making a blip on your radar: employee theft. At Forensic Brothers Investigative Services, your employee theft investigation specialists, we know the criminal practices that can attack your business without notice. Here are some facts about employee theft’s costs and attributes.

Employee Theft is a subtle bleed, often unnoticed for long periods before discovery, but the cumulative impact can be devastating. We’re not just talking about the pilfering of office supplies or the occasional cash drawer shortage. The spectrum of employee theft is broad and, if left unchecked, can become a significant financial drain.


The Hidden Cost of Dishonesty

Employee theft is not just about the immediate loss of goods or money; it’s the unseen costs that often hurt the most. The trust is broken, the morale of honest employees is undermined, and your company’s reputation is tarnished.


“Businesses lose 5% of their annual revenue to fraud.”

                                               Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

These intangible costs create ripples that affect the very foundation of your business. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, businesses lose 5% of their annual revenue to fraud, with a median loss of $125,000 per case. These aren’t just statistics; they’re wake-up calls.


Manifestations of Employee Theft

Employee theft manifests in various forms, each insidious in its way:

  • employee-theft-investigation-manTime Theft:When employees get paid for hours they didn’t work or take excessively long breaks, they steal time. It may seem minor, but it adds up quickly.
  • Cash Theft:The direct pilfering of money, whether from a cash register, petty cash fund, or manipulating financial records to skim off the top.
  • Asset Misappropriation: This is the unauthorized use or taking of a company’s goods or services for personal gain. It could be as simple as stationery or as significant as selling company secrets.
  • Data Theft:In the digital age, stealing sensitive information can be more valuable than cash. This theft can lead to competitive harm or ransom situations.
  • Expense Reimbursement Fraud: Employees claim reimbursements for expenses that were never incurred or inflate the costs of legitimate ones.

Each type of theft is perpetuated through opportunities arising from lax controls, a lack of oversight, or the sophisticated manipulation of systems and processes by those who understand them best.



Stemming the Tide with Expertise

To counter the silent adversary of employee theft, businesses must move beyond basic security measures and engage professionals who specialize in unearthing and understanding the depth of these transgressions. Enter Forensic Brother Investigative Services, an employee theft investigation team equipped with the experience and meticulous skill set required to detect, document, and deter employee theft.

Forensic accounting is not just about the numbers; it’s a blend of detective work and financial acumen that digs into the records, finds the discrepancies, and follows the money trail right to the source. FBIS is adept at spotting the signs of fraud, embezzlement, and employee theft that would typically go unnoticed.




Seeking Justice and Restitution

Documenting employee theft is only the first step. Forensic Brother Investigative Services aims to identify the perpetrator and provides the necessary evidence to support legal action and restitution claims. We ensure that businesses are protected from future thefts, assist in recouping losses, and hold offenders accountable.


Forensic Brothers Investigative Services, The Employee Theft Investigation Professionals, Will Uncover The Silent Drain In Your Business

Don’t let your business bleed from the inside out. If you suspect employee theft, contact Forensic Brother Investigative Services. Our specialized approach in forensic accounting and investigative expertise can help protect your assets, ensure the integrity of your financial practices, and maintain the trust of your team.

It’s time to shield your business from the silent threat of employee theft. We provide the resources to uncover the truth behind your financial discrepancies and the support to restore your company’s financial health. By partnering with us, you’re not just hiring an investigative service but taking a stand for your company’s future.

Don’t wait for the signs of theft to become irrefutable losses. Take the initiative to secure Forensic Brothers Investigative Services for your employee theft investigation for what you’ve worked so hard to build.

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