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Amazon Smyrna Workers Sentenced For Committing Fraud of $10 Million

Often as business owners, we think that fraud is something only experienced by banks or financial institutions. Yet on July 10, the world learned that no company, even the second largest retailer in the US, is safe from fraud. Three employees for Amazon were convicted of committing fraud leading to a loss of $10 Million. But what is most alarming is how easily it was for these staffers to commit these crimes in what many feel is a company with some of the most secure and careful oversight processes. Forensic Brothers Investigative Services, the forensic accounting investigation specialists of Atlanta, offers some insights into what to do if your business is a target of fraud.

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So What Do You Do If You Suspect Ongoing Fraud? Do You Allow The Team Member To Stay In Place?


auditing forensic accounting investigation business for Atlanta“A fraudulent vendor scheme produces significant documentary evidence for investigators to compile to produce probative evidence of a fraudulent scheme, so the risk of allowing an employee to remain in their position will generally outweigh any gains you might glean by monitoring their criminal activity.

“Some of the risks include destruction of records and general safety risks by allowing them to remain in their position and, of course, the risk of further financial losses. A best practice is to limit the employee’s access and to contact a competent financial investigator to assess the situation and gather evidence and mitigate any future losses.” C. Anthony Smith (Tony) CPA, CFE, FBI Special Agent – Retired


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Forensic Brothers Investigative Services, The Chosen Forensic Accounting Investigation Atlanta Business

If you suspect your company has experienced fraud, timing is critical to getting a conviction and reparations. Investigations require careful evidence collection and documentation by an expert team trained in both accounting and criminal investigation.

At Forensic Brothers Investigations (FBIS), we understand the confusion surrounding fraud and the urgency to address it so damages are kept to a minimum. However, being proactive in assessing your company’s risk for fraud can prove more cost-effective and less stressful. Whether evaluating your business’s risk for fraud, providing preventative strategies, or a fraud investigation, FBIS, the forensic accounting investigation Atlanta specialists, offers the experience, training, and industry expertise to assure your company is protected.

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