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Advances in technology have changed the global landscape for business through increased efficiency and productivity. However, these advancements have not caused a reduction in financial crime. On the contrary, financial crimes have kept pace with technology as a result of sophisticated techniques available to perpetrators.

To stop the bleeding and identify perpetrators, one must follow the digital trail and turn data into information. This requires subject matter expertise and technical expertise. FBIS agents have both, and this eliminates the need for multiple iterations between investigators and data scientists who may have limited investigative experience.

Data analytic techniques are essential for the investigation of complex financial crimes, including embezzlement. In particular, they provide an efficient means to find hidden relationships, to identify correlations, and to collect evidence.

Our agents possess unique skill-sets, including private industry and federal government experience in data science, computer science, information technology, Cybercrime investigations, and all types of financial crimes. They also possess the interpersonal ability and expertise required for effective human intelligence and evidence collection.

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