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Is Your Real Estate Agency At Risk For Embezzlement?

Forensic Brothers Investigative Services Offers Investigative Accounting Tips For Georgia Real Estate Agencies Regardless of size, real estate agencies are not immune to the risk of embezzlement — a concern that can threaten the financial stability and integrity of even the most reputable firms. At FBIS, we wish to share some investigative accounting insights for […]


What Is The Year End Process In Accounting?

FBIS, The Atlanta Forensic Accounting Specialists Share Why The FYE Process Is Crucial To Business Health As the year-end approaches, it’s essential for a company to have a clear understanding of the year-end accounting process. For new Atlanta business owners, knowing what the year-end accounting process is, when it takes place, and if a forensic […]


How Can I Protect My Company From Ecommerce Fraud?

FBIS, Understands The Effects of E-commerce fraud On Your Business E-commerce has revolutionized business operations and how consumers shop. With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, companies have had to adapt and incorporate e-commerce into their sales channels. However, with the numerous benefits come some risks of fraud that every business needs to be aware of […]

Intellectual Property

What To Do If You Suspect Theft of Intellectual Property By AI

Forensic Brothers Investigative Services, The Leader For Atlanta Investigation of Accounts, Asks, “How Safe Is Your Intellectual Property In The World of AI?” In this day and age, with the rapid advancements in technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in various industries. While AI has certainly brought convenience and efficiency, it has created […]


8 Steps For Protecting Your Non-Profit From Fraud Risks

Protecting Your Non-Profit From Fraud Non-profit organizations are established to help the community and often rely on funding resources such as donors, grants, and endowments. However, non-profits are often vulnerable to fraud risks and scams that threaten their financial stability and ultimately compromise their mission. As a non-profit director, manager, founder, or board, it is […]


Silicon Valley Bank Opens Eyes To Fraud’s Long Reach

FBIS, Experienced Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation For Atlanta And The Nation Fraud can take many forms. For the average business owner, it can endanger the business. For the corporate or financial institution, it calls into question a brand or reputation. Yet, for everyone, fraud’s most devastating effect is its impact on trust. At FBIS, […]